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Holiday Plumbing Tips

No Grease Down the Drains!!!

When cooking those incredible holiday feasts, do NOT pour grease down your drains!!  While you might think that hot grease will just slide right down the drain, the reality is that is cools and then solidifies further down your drain and can create a real mess of things.  

Watch Little Kids

Obviously it’s important to watch young children, but what we mean is pay close attention to kids that might be new to your house especially in and around the bathroom.  Little kids LOVE to take those little figurine animals and blocks and see them go ’round and ’round in the toilet.  We’ve pulled out some really interesting things out of toilets over the years – one of the most interesting being a jump-rope clogging the toilet.Another important reminder is to make sure the only paper product going down toilets is toilet paper.  Hand wipes, face wipes and “flushable” wipes are anything but flushable.  To eliminate that potential temptation with guests, just remove those products from the bathroom entirely.

If you are traveling and leaving your home for any extended period of time (overnight or more), be sure to turn the main water off to your home.  Be sure to keep your heat set at 55 degrees at a minimum to prevent any frozen pipes.  

As an additional level of protection, there are a lot of different leak and freeze detectors on the market right now that can send text messages or emails if it detects either leaks or temperatures falling.