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Hug a Plumber Day 2014

Many people have a hard time believing that there really is a “Hug a Plumber Day” – google it, there really is….and for extremely good reason.  Plumbers are in that category of exceptionally hard workers that often have thankless jobs.  You don’t think about that when you call a plumber though which is perfectly fine, because you are too worried about the overflowing toilet, water spraying uncontrollably, sewage bubbling in your basement, no water coming out of your faucet – fill in the blank.

That’s where our plumbers come in.  I am partial to my Top Tier plumbers because I know hands down we have the best of the best – a rare breed of person that brings a new definition to “hard work” but at the same time will make you smile, clean up your job site, talk to your 3 year old kiddo that wants to know all about what’s going on, and even let your friendly Saint Bernard get under the sink with them while working.  But Top Tier plumber or not, I’m privileged to have the plumber gene in my family with my Grandpa and Uncle and now my husband Tim, and I know first hand how hard they work, but most importantly how deeply they care about their customer.

This year the Top Tier plumbers worked through a brutal winter.  Remember those -40 degree days?  Top Tier was there thawing your frozen water lines and frozen sewer laterals.  Those guys worked on call after call after call because they understand what it’s like to have no water or not being able to use your toilet.  They didn’t complain or think twice about working late into the night and every weekend.  You might be thinking, well it’s not that bad – put on some Carhartts and you’ll be warm enough.  Not when your work often requires no gloves and then you come out of the jobsite soaking wet.  They’re tough, and they would never ever expect a thank you and that’s why they deserve a hug – it’s just part of the job for them.

Top Tier will now transition from brutally cold to brutally warm days.  Our plumbers will work out in the hot sun on septic systems, new houses, you name it.  They’ll have long days catching up because weather doesn’t cooperate, and they’ll just keep right on working hard for our customers.  That’s why these guys deserve a hug.

We could never say thank you or give enough hugs to our plumbers.  They’re the best of the best – as plumbers but especially as people.  Kaleb, Matt, Art and Tim – thank you for your hard work, dedication and care that you take.  You guys exemplify what “Top Tier” really means.  Help us thank these guys for what they do – if you see our plumbers out on April 25th – HUG A PLUMBER!