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How To Turn Off Your Water

Do You Know How To Turn Off Water To Your Home?

If you had water pouring out of a plumbing fixture in your home and couldn’t get it to turn off, would you know where to go to turn your main water supply off?  If the answer is no – this is a great time to go find out where your main water shut off is and how to operate it.  Depending upon whether you are on a municipal water system (have a water meter in a City) or live on a well system it will be different.  There also can be unique situations within each of those just depending on if you are in a duplex, live on a farm with multiple outbuildings etc.

Take a look at the following two videos – they should serve as a good starting point for you to find your water shut-off.  If after watching them you are still confused – give us a call!  It’s always a great idea to find your shut-off and get it labeled so that not only you – but others in your home can find it.  You don’t want to have to try to explain how to find that “orange handled valve thingy” to someone over the phone when they are at your home and water is pouring through the ceiling – much easier to say, “go to the mechanical room, look for the tag that says main water shut off and turn it”.

Any questions – remember just contact us!

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