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The Importance of Choosing Quality Plumbing Fixtures

Top Tier takes tremendous pride in our quality workmanship and prompt reliable service.  Even the best workmanship and service though can’t compensate for poor quality materials that aren’t correctly matched to the demands of the setting.

Lower-quality plumbing fixtures may cost less at the beginning, but they can many times cost much more in the long run in terms of potential failures, frequent need to replace or repair them, and additional expense should a leak create additional damage to your home or business’ drywall, floors, ceilings or furnishings.  At Top Tier, we will never pressure you to buy a more expensive fixture than you need, but, we will always look out for our customers by helping them avoid choosing a plumbing fixture that may cost them more in the long run, or be inappropriate for their usage.

What many consumers may not know is that while some popular plumbing fixture brands are carried by “big-box stores” they are not the same quality fixture that Top Tier carries.  In order to cut costs, many of the fixtures sold to “big-box stores” contain internal parts and pieces that are made of a lesser grade material.  So on the outside to the consumer it may look to be the same faucet, but in actuality it is a much lesser grade, lesser quality faucet than what Top Tier stocks for their customers.

Top Tier is proud to carry only top quality brands that we can rely on.  We understand that everyone has a budget, and we do our best to work within those constraints while still providing you with the best possible fixture that you can rely on for years.