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Master Tub – Yes or No? | Top Tier, LLC | Reedsburg, WI

Are you building a new house?  Are you planning a major remodel of your Master bathroom?  Have you asked yourself the question – should we do a separate tub in the master or not?

This is a question we get asked a lot – should we spend the extra money on a separate whirlpool tub, air tub or soaking tub – whether that is a built-in tub or a freestanding tub.  What we’ve found is people typically fall into one of two categories – hardcore tub lovers, and those that think it would be nice if the budget allows for it.

Everything typically does come down to budget – if you are lucky and have a limitless budget – then yes go wild and put in that beautiful freestanding tub AND do that super fancy shower with body sprays and rain heads!! BUT – if you find yourself needing to adhere to a stricter budget, let’s go into detail on whether or not a tub is right for you.

Some Considerations:

  • Large tubs also require large amounts of hot water in order to fill them.  This may mean that you also have to consider the size and type of your existing water heater and potentially upgrading.  This can add an additional cost component into things.
  • Do you have the space for the tub?  Don’t make the mistake of cramming your tub into a too-tight space.  It will make your bathroom look smaller and it won’t be functional.
  • How often are you going to use the tub?  While it’s easy to dream about the quiet nights soaking in your tub with candles going and drinking a glass of wine – is that actually practical in your current life?  Will you be able to take the time to do that?  For some the answer is yes – maybe that is your personal time you take to escape and we applaud you for it!  But for some, the answer is no – if you’re lucky you might be able to do that a couple times a year.  If that’s the case – does it make sense to spend $5,000.00+ on a big tub?  You might be better off taking that money and putting it into your shower that you use every day.  Or maybe you’re better off saving that money for hotel stays that have their own great bath tubs that you get the benefit of using but don’t have to clean or maintain!

Check out our gallery to take a look at projects that have tubs or have really great showers.

Here is a great article that helps you envision what spaces can be without a tub:

If you need help deciding – give us a call!  Let’s talk about your space and your needs and help you make the most of your bathroom space.  While we love a great bathtub – we realize it might not be right for everyone.  Our goal is to help you come to a decision with whatever works best for your space, lifestyle and budget and will make you walk into your bathroom and just love everything about it!