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Powder Rooms | Top Tier, LLC | Reedsburg, WI

Powder rooms are some of our favorite spaces in the homes that we do.  These are smaller spaces that can handle more creative, fun design.  Because you’re only dealing with a single faucet and sink, you often can splurge a little more for a premium finish or fixture.

A few things to consider when looking at powder room fixtures:

  • Wall mount faucets are more of a commitment.  In order to change these out down the road you typically have to be able to change the valve in the wall, which means opening up the front or backside of the wall.
  • Vessel sinks also are a little harder to change out without affecting the countertop.  Depending on the style the countertop might need to be cut differently in the future to accommodate a different style sink.

One easy way to add a little pop to your powder room is to paint the vanity cabinet a fun color.  We are loving some of the rich blues and greens we’ve seen this year.  Pair that with some fun drawer pulls and you’ve got something you can always tone down or change later as tastes change as seen in this bathroom:

Powder Rooms by Top Tier, LLC