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What’s a P-Trap and Why Do I Care?

The vast majority of folks don’t spend a lot of time thinking about P-traps.  That’s not the case here at Top Tier, we find ourselves lately spending a lot of time thinking about P-traps.  

New design trends are increasingly showing open concept vanities – which are beautiful – but bring with them a sometimes an overlooked necessity – the P-trap.  The drain on your sink when inside a cabinet is typically a white PVC P-trap.  When using an exposed vanity though – we highly recommend matching your P-trap to your faucet finishes.  It’s kind of like coordinating your bag to your shoes ladies!  

It just gives the bathroom a tied-together, cohesive look.  Check out the pictures below to get an idea the difference a coordinating P-trap can bring to your space.

Standard PVC P-Trap